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The Forest

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The forest surrounding Dawnbreak is rumored to be very dangerous. There are paths on the outer rim of the woods, and the woods slowly get thicker and more dangerous as you head further in.


Blackfrost Trail

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The Main trail is a popular trail for the few visitors that do visit Dawnbreak, and many of the more careful (or, many would argue, intelligent) citizens. The trail is carefully marked and kept clear of debris, becoming less so as it gets deeper and deeper into the woods.

Embershard Lake

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Embershard Lake is a small body of water that eventually accumulated in the crater left behind from a meteor strike. Many supernaturals find it to be a place of strange spiritual energy, and the area is known for odd occurrences and sightings.


The Mines

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This mine is no longer in use, and many areas of it are closed off because they are too dangerous. However that doesn't stop humans and werewolves from coming to search for the mythical Hidden Lake. Enter with caution, because not everyone makes it out alive.

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The Deep Forest

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Further out into the woods, the trails become narrower and are eventually taken over by trees, bushes, and other plants. The deep woods are considered to be Burning Ash Pack territory, and most humans in town consider this to be very dangerous territory.

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