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  1. Brenda

    a night out

    He chuckled and shook his head. "You're probably right about that... Don't really want to hear it but if you want to share the details, feel free." He hummed, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. He made no attempt to slow down when they neared the theater, instead opting to drive past it. He had intentions to take her to the art district of Corinth. It was usually fairly interesting and even those without an artistic inclination could appreciate the work of others. He still dreaded telling his three daughters that he was dating someone who could almost be their sister. They were now nineteen, and Joey had turned thirteen not too long ago and as soon as he'd entered into his teen years, he'd turned into a shitbag. He'd gotten quite the mouth on him and though Logan had made attempts to curb it, the simple fact of the matter was that he was lucky his kids paid him any attention at all. He hadn't been there for the majority of their lives and the distance between them showed as such. His lips gave an idle quirk as he glanced over at her. "I'd tell you how my day was, but I assure you it probably wasn't as exciting as yours was..." He chuckled softly, lifting his hand from the wheel just long enough to push his fingers through his short, dark hair. His day had been mostly depositions and other legal bullshit... Boring stuff, really, but it paid the bills. Rylee Windsor
  2. Brenda

    fire and the flood

    Logan rolled his eyes and had half a mind to whip the mug of piping hot coffee at his younger brother. "Shut up, you fucking clown." He growled, standing up with a fluid movement that left the squirming child to gasp dramatically for air. "Fat ass..." Joey grumbled, hopping to a standing position, only to get pushed back down again. "Keep it up, squirt, and you'll be mucking out the stalls. You want to be a shit, I'll let you roll around in it." He squatted down to pat the boy affectionately on the head. "Uncle Seth, will you please give him a swift kick in the ass?" Joey whined, which caused his father to roll his eyes. "Still a pup..." He muttered, stepping over him, as he took another swallow of coffee. Seth Redford
  3. Brenda

    fire and the flood

    Joey shot out of bed that morning with a wide grin and did everything in his power not to shake his dad awake. The last time he'd done that, Logan had grumped and grumbled until he'd fallen back asleep. Quietly, he tiptoed to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, humming quietly under his breath. He stretched his arms out as the coffee brewed and dripped steadily into the pot. Like clockwork, Logan rose from the bed and made his way to the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. "What is it with you and coffee, kid?" The words were barely audible, even for Joey, but he shrugged and smiled. It took him a moment before he was able to swallow the bit of granola bar he'd bitten off. "Gets you outta bed, doesn't it, old man?" He inquired with a sickeningly sweet voice. Logan, meanwhile, wasn't impressed. "Since you turned thirteen, you've turned into a little shit." He mumbled, shaking his head, as he made himself a cup of coffee. Logan just wanted to crawl back into bed and ignore the world for a while longer. He took a sip of the coffee, which almost was hot enough to scald his tongue, and sank against the counter. "So, what's the plan for today, kiddo?" He asked, looking over at his youngest hellspawn. "Well, you and Uncle Seth promised to take me out on a trail ride... Other than that, not much is going on, I don't think." Logan quirked a brow at his son's words. "Did we really promise?" He inquired, scrubbing a hand over his face in a vain attempt to shake off the remnants of sleep. As he looked up, he caught sight of Joey nodding vigorously. "You did, and you're not going back on it." He launched himself at his father, only after he'd set his coffee down, and proceeded to try and tussle with him. Whoever had the misfortune of coming into the kitchen next would probably stumble across Logan sitting on Joey with coffee in hand. Logan took another swallow of coffee before looking down at his son. "Keep it up, and you'll be helping me file depositions, rather than riding your horse today." He mumbled, shaking his head slightly. Seth Redford
  4. Brenda

    a night out

    Logan wasn't always in a good mood. In fact, usually the opposite was true. Tonight was a different story, however. He'd cleaned up his truck and had gone out to retrieve his date for a night out in Corinth. He wasn't trying to be predictable or anything like that but, on the other hand, predictability meant stability and he could definitely use more stability in his life. Even so, she was young - younger than him, in any case - and she deserved to see the finer things Corinth had to offer, rather than get stuck in the age-old rut of dinner and a movie. That wasn't to say he wasn't adventurous or even spontaneous but rather, he was used to his ways and time and experience had told him those ways needed changing if he wanted to hold onto Rylee. He hadn't intended for things to get this serious so soon after becoming a widower but he certainly didn't regret it. "How was your workday?" He inquired a bit tentatively, head tilting lazily, as he kept his eyes on the road. He'd hold off on telling her how his day had been. It'd been mostly fighting with Emily, who was his cousin and his colleague. She was usually gloating or seeking some kind of validation through his praise. He never gave it to her, not unless you counted a slight nod of the head whenever she did something halfway decent without acting like a complete ass. In a lot of ways, despite her age, she was still a pup. The same could be said for Logan and Seth but for different reasons. At least, they were starting to grow out of it. Emily, on the other hand, seemed to have a long ways to go. He sighed a bit wistfully, turning off the music that played, so he could better focus on Rylee. His kids were starting to act like they had some damned sense, so that was another plus in his book, and he knew without being told that he had his mother to thank for their swift turnaround. It was either that or they had just become better at hiding how they truly acted. Rylee Windsor
  5. Brenda

    sing me a lullaby

    She was trapped somewhere in the realm of dreams when her hand went flying and whacked Michael in the chest. "Take that, you scallywag..." She mumbled the words, a small smirk tugging at her lips, just before she peeked one eye open. "Are you dead yet?" She whispered, quickly pressing a kiss to her husband's cheek. Even though she had never personally seen combat, she had still learned to sleep with one eye open and her other four senses tuned into her surroundings, which meant that she oftentimes woke herself up with her own shenanigans. Regardless, it was also quite easy for her to have nightmares, simply because of some of the things she'd been through while in some sandy hell. She'd seen many good soldiers die in the field, either due to negligence or impulsivity. She'd known a few young bucks that had thought themselves impervious to a volley of gunfire and she'd known war-hardened veterans that had learned the hard way that the opposite was true. Having been overseas, however, she hadn't wanted any part in the life and times of a military wife. She knew her own faults and flaws and certainly knew no marriage she had with a military man had a chance in hell of surviving. She knew she loved Michael, but she also knew something was off. She didn't know what, but she knew there was something. Maybe it was just a lifetime of poor decisions that had made her jaded or maybe, simpler still, it was her basic fight or flight response kicking in. Either way, she was waiting for the other shoe to drop and no matter how many times she told herself that, she also knew the end result would be the same. She'd never cease to love her husband. It was a singular fact that was both comforting and frightening. Part of her felt like she'd known Michael all along and another part of her, truthfully, was scared of waking up. More to the point, she was afraid of losing him. "You should make coffee... it's your turn." Her nose scrunched briefly and she shot him an award-winning smile. Michael Farquar
  6. Brenda

    see what a man you can make of me

    He sighed and shook his head. "I know that my silence is golden and that, because you want it so badly, the target must be high profile. I also know that you're taking a risk by coming here, otherwise you would have stayed on the porch... Which means you're either afraid of someone else telling your target or the target, himself, hearing..." He thought for a moment. "I agreed to help for my own reasons, but I assure you I don't have to be told who the target is to know who you're trying to go after... It's grandpa, isn't it?... And you promise that no harm will come to him, right?" It had been a simple enough conclusion to draw. Still, at least until they planned to make their move, he'd pretend to play stupid as was requested of him... He'd need all the details if he truly intended to be a snitch. Sunny
  7. Brenda

    see what a man you can make of me

    He frowned for a moment, thinking back to his earlier conversation with his grandfather. Was this what he'd meant by antagonizing the people he loved? He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "Sure, I guess..." He relented, at last, wondering if he was making the right choice in all of this. "Nothing you buying me ice cream couldn't fix." If he was to remain silent, his silence would have to be bought and he wouldn't hesitate to hold this secret of hers over her head, even if he didn't exactly know what said secret actually was. Sunny
  8. Brenda

    see what a man you can make of me

    Joey looked back at her, his brow knitting slightly. And he was supposed to believe that she was just here out of the blue for things he already knew? As he turned back to the trail in front of him, a small scowl touched his lips. "Okay..." He said quietly. "What about this proposition you came for?" He'd get to the advice she required later on. Sunny
  9. Brenda

    see what a man you can make of me

    Joey already didn't like how this was shaping up. Regardless, he nodded his head and retrieved his book so that he could lead the way with his book tucked under his arm. "Are Katherine and Laurie okay?" He asked after a few moments of silence. He'd heard what had happened with Katherine but only because he'd overheard his father talking with his cousin, Emily, and his aunt, Harper. He'd done relatively well to stay under the radar insofar, though he frequently worried about how long it would last. He doubted he could stay hidden forever... Sunny
  10. Brenda

    see what a man you can make of me

    He tilted his head back to look up at the beautiful blonde, eyeing her a bit quizzically. He wanted to ask what about but knew better. Instead, he simply nodded his head and shot to his feet. "Would you rather walk or stay here on the porch?" He asked quietly. He wanted to get this out of the way, so he could go back to reading. It was probably better than whatever Mel had in mind, in any case. Sunny
  11. Joey was sprawled on the floor in front of the television, reading a book. Logan was seated on the couch, snoring quietly. As soon as the sound reached Joey's ears, he sighed and stood up to retrieve a lightweight blanket for his father. After throwing the blanket over Logan, he retrieved his book and went outside. He sat down on the sun-soaked porch and resumed reading. Before long, he was turning the page. Reading, for him, was an escape of sorts and it never took long for someone or something to distract him. Sunny
  12. Brenda

    writing tragedies

    Katherine shot up and followed her sister, giving a half-hearted wave to Mel. "See you later! Let us know how things go with Joey, okay?" She didn't want someone else to make any sort of impression on Joey but in this case, she supposed she didn't much have a choice. It kind of sucked, actually, and it was mostly her own doing. Now that her mom was dead and gone, she couldn't continue to blame the woman. She'd had a choice to make, and she'd made it. -- THREAD END --
  13. Brenda

    writing tragedies

    She shook her head and sighed. "The more obvious question, here, is who are you intending to prank? If my ass is going to be on the line, it'd better be for damned good reason." She mumbled the words, not entirely sure she wanted to be fiddle-fucking around with this. "Why not Joey? He's the least obvious choice, and we could probably trick him into helping us without even letting him realize fully what it is he's doing or who it is he's pranking." She suggested, providing a contradictory argument. Sunny Rue
  14. Brenda

    writing tragedies

    She watched the pair for a few moments and grudgingly followed her sister's lead by sitting down, not wanting to start anything where there didn't have to be anything. A thoughtful expression took over her soft features. "So, get to talking, then." It was less of an impatient command and more of a, "hurry up, so we can get the hell out of this place." It wasn't that she didn't like bookstores. She just didn't like this particular place's aesthetic. Maybe she could talk Judith into changing things up a bit but knowing that particular wolf, she would probably look for reasons to keep the place just as she'd gotten it. Sunny Rue
  15. Brenda

    early morning shenanigans

    He shook his head. "It makes sense. I just..." He pondered for a moment. "Never had to worry about it, I guess." It wasn't like he had a very typical relationship with any of his siblings... Except, perhaps, Laurel. Laurel was quiet, but she was sweet. DragonBlue