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    Caleb in his human form stands 5'11 and is slender in stature. He has dark brown eyes an short brown hair.
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    Caleb normally isnt very social and tends to keep to himself, but every so often he meets a soul he can connect with where in an eternal bond is forged. A bond that withstands the test of time and distance.
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    <center><img src="https://pre00.deviantart.net/2128/th/pre/i/2014/148/4/e/battle_skies___fire_dragon_by_alexanderjohn77-d7k3l96.jpg"></center>
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    Unlike his dragon brethren, caleb had hatched all alone. Due to the state of the world his mother was forced from her home fearing discovery by mankind. In her haste to escape persecution, she had to hide her egg in a labyrinth buried deep in the caves of mountains of dawnbreak. When caleb did eventually hatch their were no parenta to greet him into this world, intead was a dark damp cavrn that he would come to call his home for many years. Around his 5th birthday he finally shifted to his human form, confused and excited he set off into the human world. As he grew so did his thirst to experience all aspects of life. In his short life caleb has always taken to walking both as man and dragon with all walks of life. Caleb eventually forged a life for himself in the realm of man. He had found a family of his own serving in the military. However happy he was wherever he went, something just kept preventing him belonging. Caleb always kept an ear open, waiting wondering if he would ever come across some one like him, another dragon. Finally it came, in the form of a safe haven. A place where the supernatural could walk openly and free to be what and who they are. In the middle of the night he set off hoping to find a people of his own
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