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  1. DragonBlue

    Halloween Bash 2018: Machete Kills

    "Fair," Ilia grinned. He flagged the woman down and ordered one each for himself and the woman that would hopefully become his companion for the night. @Morrigan
  2. DragonBlue

    Halloween Bash 2018: Machete Kills

    "Well, I'm Russian so as per expectations I usually default to Vodka," Ilia grinned, "that tender there makes a wicked Moscow Mule if you're into cocktails, though," he indicated toward Asche who was about halfway down the counter from where they were. @Morrigan
  3. DragonBlue

    The Hunt (Open)

    "Never that I've seen so far," Mykola shook his head once, "though I can't say we've encountered many - at least not since I've been able to recognize them," he ventured a little cautiously. He couldn't tell what this man was, but instinct said he wasn't human, "But she's a retired military dog, if that counts for anything. Been in the thick of things most can't even imagine and was always solid." @Garmr
  4. Despite the demands of her profession, Rylee wasn't a morning person. Left to her own devices she would have still been buried under a mound of soft blankets and pillows with the cat purring somewhere among the mix. Unfortunately, a small town vet didn't have ideal hours - or true off time, really. She'd spent most of the latter part of the last night shoulder deep in a heifer helping to deliver a breeched calf. As a vet, Rylee was accustomed to all kinds of gross. So the ordeal hadn't diminished her appetite any. As a pregnant woman... well, things were just odd. Her skin felt strange, formerly pleasant smells made her sick and her appetite had no rhyme or reason. She hadn't even intended to stop through at the festival so much as had driven by and smelled something that she just had. to. have. Would have been nice if her werewolf boyfriend were along to sniff it out for her. As it was that was how a distracted Rylee came to blunder right into the whistling man. He barely seemed to move as she bounced off of him, staggering to get her balance back, and stuttered a reflexive apology. @Garmr
  5. DragonBlue

    The Hunt (Open)

    With the invitation repeated Mykola shifted in the saddle. The Savage River alpha had not explicitly forbidden any of the pack to go out in search of the thing, but it had been strongly discouraged in such a way that there wasn't much difference. Mykola gnawed on the inside of his cheek for a moment as he internally tossed about arguments and counters, "I'm game," he nodded in the end, then looked at the Malinois at his side, "assuming your dogs can work with Akelia here being present." @Garmr
  6. DragonBlue

    Division X

    •DIVISION X - SUPERNATURAL CONTAINMENT UNIT• True to the suspicions of many a conspiracy theorist, government agencies are - in fact - commonly aware of the prolific existence of black listed and believed extinct supernaturals; and invest much resource into keeping their existence as quiet as possible. The Alevskaya portion of Division X operates primarily in Corinth, though they keep a sleeper present inside of Dawnbreak as the town poses a special kind of threat to their goals with so many common citizens being aware of the supernatural presence. Division X is tasked with investigating disappearances and murders believed to be related to black listed supernaturals. Agents (8): Team Coordinator - Harlow Archer [Human] MI5 Consultant - Charlotte Daniels [skinwalker] Dagonet Marcianus [Werewolf] Michael Farquar [Vampire] OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN Dawnbreak Sleeper Agents (3) OPEN OPEN OPEN Corinth Sleeper Agents (3) OPEN OPEN OPEN Agents may be human or supernatural (both black listed and accepted)
  7. DragonBlue


    Yenaldooshi With it, he goes on all fours "The skinwalker is an evil witch. Empowered by the murder of a loved one, he dons the pelt of animals to take their form. But they are hollow, strange. They can neither walk nor fly straight and their cries are not of this world." - excerpt from records of a forgotten hunter ABOUT Skinwalkers differ from most shifters in that they are human; men and women able to ritually shed their flesh in order to take animal form - albeit at grave cost. Unlike werewolves, they do not typically lose control of themselves and engage in murderous rampages; but like any human being, they are capable of malicious acts of violence. Power and revenge are said to be their most common motivating factors, though the reality of this varies from one individual to the next. A skinwalker cannot be born. They are created ritually, generally by choice of the individual. While there are exceptions to the rule, skinwalkers are generally malevolently created beings as an act of murder is required to complete the ceremony. For this price, they gain the ability to partially take the form of an animal by utilizing a pelt or feathers of that creature. TURNING BECOMING A SKINWALKER Generally, Skinwalkers seek others to groom into being. Prospects are lured a variety of ways, most commonly with promises of power or revenge, though it is not uncommon for deception to be involved. This is usually where the split between malevolent and benign skinwalkers is created. While the precise details of the ceremony are a close kept secret, the skinwalker ritual requires an act of murder to be completed, and the majority of converts commit this act willingly by seeking out and capturing their own. However, many an unwary youth has been lured by deception. Under illusion, they believe themselves to be ritually sacrificing an animal; and it is only after the slaughter has been completed that the illusion is shattered. Regardless of one's intentions in becoming a skinwalker, there are negative consequences. It is rumored that by completing the ritual, one is sacrificing a part of their soul to a malevolent spirit (often said to be a Wendigo or something of the like). After this spirit consumes this essence it leaves behind traces of itself - thus providing the skinwalker its powers. Transformations Initially, skinwalkers can only transform into a single animal, and must have some piece of that animal – feather, hide, claws, teeth etc – in order to assume its form. With time and experience, they can learn to adapt new forms. Skinwalkers most commonly transform into creatures associated with death and bad omen. Coyote Wolf Fox Crow lynx Vulture Black Cats ABILITIES In addition to being about to partially or fully transform into their chosen animal, skinwalkers are known to have other abilities. Endurance skinwalkers have incredible speed and endurance, and are rumored to be able to travel up to 200 miles in a single night. Illusion Skinwalkers have the ability to cause manipulated hallucinations in humans. This allows them to deceive individuals into believing they are seeing objects that are not there, and can be used to lure victims into traps. Corpse Spells As a sub-category of witch, skinwalkers are capable of limited magic utilizing ingredients typically obtained from bodies of the dead. Most commonly these include create small, needle-like darts from human bone; these are embedded in the flesh of a victim, and poison over time. Another common substance is corpse powder, which is used to cause hallucinations in small doses. Skinwalkers also have the ability to manipulate their bodies in strange, unnatural ways. TYPES MALEVOLENT These skinwalkers are those that participate in the ceremony with full knowledge and understanding. They select their own victims, and willingly shed blood for their own gain. Though any act of murder will suffice, the skinwalker’s power is directly related to the victim’s relation. Therefore, a skinwalker who murders a sibling or close family member will be more powerful than one which chooses to take the life of a stranger. BENIGN Skinwalkers falling under this category are usually those who have been deceived into the life. They are often lured in by the promise of gaining superhuman abilities. Under the guidance of the converting skinwalker, they engage in the ceremony believing they will be sacrificing an animal. This is not the case. Deceived by illusion, once the murder has been committed they are faced with reality. In these cases, the victim is determined by the original skinwalker; therefore they are just as apt to be a family member, friend, or complete stranger.
  8. DragonBlue


    ABOUT Werebears are among the most powerful spcies of wereshifters, rivaled only by werewolves and tigers. While generally of solitary disposition, they are still prone to forming into moderately large Sleuths for mutual support and protection. Most sleuths are comprised of family groups with alliances forged under a dominant family. Generally, werebears are of amicable dispositions and are prone to live and let live sensibilities. However, there are a rare few who are naturally mean tempered and violent. Unfortunately, these rare specimens have lent a negative perception to the species as a whole. ABILITIES Super Strength Werebears are powerful beasts, rivaled only by the largest of werewolves and weretigers - though, for sheer strength, still able to easily outmatch the average of either species. When shifted they can easily over turn even large vehicles. Enhanced Senses Like most wereshifers, werebears have heightened senses of sound and scent. While their sight tends to be lacking, they are still able to see quite well at night. Berserker The more wounded a werebear is, the more dangerous it becomes. They are known to devolve into a rampage state in which they seem to shake off even great injury whilst inflicting massive amounts upon opponents. FAQ GESTATION How long is a werebear's gestation period? Seven months
  9. DragonBlue


    ABOUT Another species of shifters, werefoxes are most common in eastern Asia, though there are also species native to North America. While many werefoxes tend to keep to themselves, it is not entirely uncommon for them to group into skulks for safety like many werecreatures do. They are known to have more docile temperments than other shifters, likely due to lacking in strength compared to their larger cousins. ABILITIES Enhanced Strength Though among the weaker of wereshifters, werefoxes are still much stronger than the average human. Enhanced Speed What they lack in brute strength, werefoxes make up for in speed and agility. They are fast even for shifters, and there are few species able to match them. Enhanced Senses Werefoxes have heightened senses of scent and hearing as well as keen night vision. Healing They are able to withstand many forms of injury and minor wounds heal quickly. Scrapes, bruises and shallow lacerations usually heal in a matter of days while graver injuries like deep wounds and broken bones can take weeks to months depending on severity. FAQ MORTALITY AND WEAKNESSES Because of their smaller stature, werefoxes are somewhat easier to kill than their larger cousins (i.e. werebear, tigers). A high caliber rifle shot to the chest, neck or head is likely to be too much for a werefoxes healing to overcome. Foxglove - while the flowers themselves are generally harmless to werefoxes (though many report a dislike for the smell), consumption of the plant will cause them to fall ill and in high enough measures can be lethal. Hunters have been known to extract and concentrate the natural toxin of the plant to coat their weapons as it interferes with their regenerative abilities. A high dose of foxglove poison can kill in as little as four hours. GESTATION How long is a werefox's gestation period? Werefoxes have a gestation period of about five months, and their infants are generally small and weigh under five pounds.
  10. DragonBlue

    World Guide

    World Dead Before Daylight is set in an alternate universe which coincides with Earth. While they are geographically similar, some names and locations are unique to the DBD universe. At present, the primary settings of play are Dawnbreak and Corinth, Alevskaya. Dawnbreak: Dawnbreak exists in the state of Alevskaya, which correlates roughly to earth’s present day Alaska, specifically near the southeastern foothills of the Kuskokwim Mountan range and south of the Togiak Wildlife Refuge. Originally a mining town, the operation has since shut down and Dawnbreak now has heavy roots set in fishing and agriculture. Corinth: A massive, sprawling metropolis, Corinth is the most heavily populated region in Alevskaya and one of the largest cities in North America. It is largely controlled by human and fae kind, and is known for having segregated areas where other creatures are not permitted to enter freely. While much of the city is well constructed and pleasing to the eye, there are vast tracts of poor, dilapidated areas. These parts of the city are known to be dangerous. They are often unpatrolled by law enforcement officers, and those that do take watch there are heavily armed. These parts of the city frequently exist in states of near anarchy.
  11. DragonBlue

    Status Update

    Weird fair foods make a lot more sense now that I'm pregnant 🤤
  12. DragonBlue

    DBD Word Association

  13. DragonBlue

    The Hunt (Open)

    There were plenty of wolves in Dawnbreak that might have picked up on what was being referenced. Mykola, though, wasn't among them. His only thought was that none of this looked like any kind of affair legal for what he knew to be in season at the moment - not that he was inclined to make an issue of it either. It was the slight clarification that perked his interest, "Beast? Are you referring to the... what's it called... Wendigo? That creature that's been terrorizing half the town?" @Garmr
  14. DragonBlue

    Halloween Bash 2018: Scavenger Hunt [Open]

    The lack of competition made things vaguely less interesting, but Jericho simply kept himself entertained with the thought that a temporary agreement didn't mean there wasn't room for a little back stabbing. It was an amusing possibility to keep in mind. That prospect aside, the light snowfall that had been coming down off and on was becoming steadily heavier. While the cold itself didn't bother the dragon any despite his thin clothing, he could see the clouds gathered overhead and, more importantly, smell what was coming. "The last marker showed a porcupine as the next clue," Jericho answered, indicating the sign, "so if that one guessed correctly then the next one should be hidden around here somewhere," he glanced at the fae man, "at any rate we should be quick about it because the weather is about to get much worse and I'm not keen on doing this in a blizzard." @Garmr & @Kelor
  15. DragonBlue

    Halloween Bash 2018: Machete Kills

    His brow arched a little at the blatant label, though that was about the extent of his reaction. It wasn't like he could argue it or wasn't used to being called that anyway, "Ilia," he shook her hand briefly, "good to meet you Joe. So what're you drinking?" @Morrigan