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  1. Garmr

    The Hunt (Open)

    Uriens eyed the man very carefully when he stated that he 'recognized' ghosts. The fae lord set the information aside for while it was interesting it wasn't particularly relevant to the current moment, perhaps later. "I merely ask because some of the hounds tonight will be," Uriens lifted his shoulders in the briefest of shrugs. He motioned to where gathering of people he had left still waited for him, "Come. This morning we prepare, this afternoon we rest, and with the setting of the sun we shall hunt. Unless of course you need to fetch something you'll need tonight." @DragonBlue
  2. It had been five in the morning when Jessica had heard the pounding on her door; eyes the hue of polar glaciers opened and narrowed into slits at the sight of 5:00 in bright red numerals from her alarm clock. Immediately panic shot through her as she remembered another time her door had been assaulted in the wee hours of the morning and she had surged from her bed, through the hallway and to the front door where she opened to find...Shy, looking like a great big child with his goofy grin and holding his car keys up in an expectant fashion. "Come on Jess," he had said joyfully, "We're goin to the fair!" A shower, cloths, and not nearly enough coffee later she was sitting in the passenger seat of Shy's Subaru listening to him chatter on about a local fair he'd discovered on Facebook, she didn't really absorb anything he was saying, just that he was excited about it. Jessica typically had nothing against rising early, she did it all the time for work, but only when it was planned. She had intended to sleep in on one of the few mornings she'd had off in a while, lawyers kept their client's hours, and had stayed up far too late after catching the Falcon's game at a local Corinth pub. Shy showing up with a road-trip in mind had not been part of her carefully laid plans. And so it was she found herself in the small town of Dawnbreak seeking coffee amongst locals and tourists. Jamming her hands into the pockets of her classic leather bomber jacket she trudged on booted feet in the direction where the smell of caffeine was the most prevalent. She noted with some despair that there was a line.
  3. Shy wasn't expecting to be knocked into but when he did he responded with the ease of one accustomed to being blundered into. Strong hands came out to the woman's shoulders to steady her so that she didn't topple over and the gentle giant grinned down at the woman as she apologized. "Don't worreh 'bout it Miss. I wasn't lookin where I was goin," his Southern drawl was warm and friendly but there lingered some formality that spoke of upper crust. He gave her a quick once over, "You're not hurt are you?" @DragonBlue
  4. Garmr

    The Hunt (Open)

    The fae's eyes dropped to the dog and warmed in the way a man would admire a trained animal. "I will consult the Master of Hounds but given most of our company have brought their own dogs I do not think it will cause much issue. Though..." He considered a moment and then looked at the man quite seriously, "She does not spook at spirits, does she not?" @DragonBlue
  5. Shy had been itching to get out the city for months so when he heard about the Werewolf festival in the little town of Dawnbreak from some folks talking about it on social media he was over the moon. He had loaded, or rather negotiated, a barely caffeinated Jessica into the car at dawn and had made the drive practically humming with excitement at the prospect of bad fair food, music, and good company. Once they had arrived at the city it had taken a moment or two to find parking but soon Shy was emerging from his forest green Subaru like a jack-in-the-box with a wide goofy grin on his face. Jessica, he noted, slid from the passenger side like a angry cat roused from a nap in the sun. She looked a vision of some Vakeyrie queen with golden hair twisted upon her head in something far too elaborate to simply call a 'bun' but the look on her perfectly make-uped face spoke of murder. "I'm getting coffee," she said in a terse tone that booked little argument from Shy and she stalked off with a click of her boots against the pavement. Shy wasn't too worried about losing her since the town wasn't that big and so, settling the scarf around his neck started to stroll in the direction that he heard people and smelled food. Jess, once she'd had a few cups of coffee, would become her usual self and find him. Or, in a worst case, she'd call him. As he walked he found himself whistling along with a tune he heard and the bear seemed to almost radiate warm fuzzies.
  6. Garmr

    The Hunt (Open)

    Uriens face lit up with pleasure and he nodded, "I am indeed. The Hunt calls for something worthy of the courts attention... usually a stag is released from the fae lands or a spectral beast but the Wendigo is special. It promises to be a Hunt that is spoken of for years to come." It was then that Uriens raised a single dark eyebrow to the man whom he suspected wasn't a man at all. Only the beast-like fae had the nose to smell out other creatures but no fae past their third century would not pick up on the subtle clues. The fact that the man talked about the Wendigo in such a casual tone told Uriens he was either dealing with a human with a spine of steel or a monster on par with the Wendigo. "Yet you have not answered my question," he continued, "Do you wish to join us?" @DragonBlue
  7. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Scavenger Hunt [Open]

    "This one," the fae lord said in a tone that was equal parts irritation and mirth, "Is Uriens Vainglory. Since we seek to pass the evening in each others company we might as well exchange our names." Uriens didn't seem to note the cold though he was far better dressed for it than the dragon-man with is costume, though something about the ease with which he wore the medieval garb suggested it was something he wore often. He turned his sight once again to the sign, the neon near reflective in his silver eyes and he frowned at it like a merchant who had been given a bad bargain. He then, more from a whim than anything else, followed the path that the porcupine's eyes followed and then pointed a glove hand to the glimmering object adjacent to the bar. "There," he said not bothering to hide the smug from his tone. @Kelor & @DragonBlue
  8. Garmr

    The Hunt (Open)

    Uriens usually stern face broke into a smile at the stranger's question and he glanced briefly over his shoulder at the gathering. More vehicles were just arriving with the tents that would be used to keep the guests warm and fed before the hunt commenced and Uriens took on an air of satisfaction. "Why we are preparing for the Hunt," the fae lord said in a way that implied that everyone should know what that was. Yet he looked back at the rider and upon seeing the lack of recognition he sighed inwardly, youth is oft wasted on the young. "Tonight we will ride to track the beast that inhabits the woods, the winner is given a boon or prize of his choosing, and then we feast until mid morn the next day." Uriens then took the time to look over the man in an assessing way a general would a soldier in his ranks, "Would you care to join us? There is always room for guests." @DragonBlue
  9. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    "How else?" Luci said with a grin, "Grope some plants." @Morrigan
  10. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    Luci's eyes drifted to the ceiling of the fort and she appeared to consider this before pulling off her other boot, "It would take some additional study to know for sure." @Morrigan
  11. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    Luci looked back at him, "Yeah but... Rom, that would make the plants sentient." @Morrigan
  12. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    "Maybe Dria feeds the plants?" Luci considered and began to ease off the boots of her costume, "I never thought plants felt something like happiness. Figure its Dria's happiness at tending them rubbing off." @Morrigan
  13. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    Luci nodded feeling a bit silly for worrying about not being believed, "Well, I brushed up against one of the plants in the bathroom on my first night here and I got this... hint... a stray feeling of happiness and the smell of plant food." @Morrigan
  14. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    "I guess so long as I don't touch you, Theo, or the furniture," Luci looked about, "the blankets should be okay because they go through a wash... I've been mixing sage in the detergent because that seems to remove any lingering essence. The plants well.." Luci looked at the greenery, "Would you buy that magically grown plants pick up a little bit of the person that grew them?" @Morrigan
  15. Garmr

    Halloween Bash 2018: Enter The Sirens Continued

    "Hey," Luci protested, "Gloves are fashionable. And in Corinth they're useful" @Morrigan