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"Those creatures who subsist on the blood of humans are by far the most evil, most repugnant, most vile creatures in existence. They stalk their victims at night, often when they are alone and therefore the most vulnerable. It is said that only prolongued direct sunlight or a stake through the heart can kill a vampire, but that remains to be seen - not many are willing to risk alternatives that might not kill the beasts."




- excerpt from records of a forgotten hunter










Vampires are humanoid creatures that subsist on blood, most frequently the blood of humans or other supernatural creatures. As in many fictional works and legends of vampires, these creatures can only come out at night, and prolongued exposure to the sun will destroy them, a process that takes longer for older vampires and less time for younger vampires.




Unlike Werewolves, Vampires do not often travel in large, city-wide packs. It is common for them to run in groups of 5-10 called coteries, often sharing Blood Dolls to work for the coterie as a whole. These groups are self sufficient, and typically very loyal to each other.







Turning into a vampire is often a horrifying, painful process. The bite of a vampire itself can be very painful, but a vampire bite is not what changes a human into a vampire.




To turn a human, the vampire must first give the human blood. Only a small amount is required, as vampire blood is very potent. Once the human has ingested the blood of the vampire, they must die within twenty four hours of ingestion.




Many vampires enjoy grooming their "children" before biting them, and some have ceremonies and superstitions about what is to be done with a willing human during the process. Some of them allow an extravagant final meal infused in some way with blood and a final day in the sun, while others prefer to prepare their chosen human for a difficult life of being hunted, cutting them off from their friends, family, and the light of day.







Endurance - Vampires are very durable creatures, able to easily survive gunshot wounds and physical trauma.




Grip of the Damned - When a human regularly ingests the blood of a particular vampire, they begin to feel a tie to the vampire. Often called Blood Dolls, these humans are frequently used to work for vampires during the day, when vampires can not be out for long.




Memory Lapse - Vampires are able to make humans lose memory of up to an hour, often used to make them forget an attack. This becomes more difficult to do the more violent the attack or the more potent the memories from the particular hour.



Heightened Senses - Similar to werewolves, vampires have a keen sense of smell and vision.









While human blood nourishes, the blood of other supernatural creatures has very interesting effects that many vampires enjoy.




A vampire may become addicted to the blood of a particular supernatural creature if they ingest it too regularly, and once they are addicted can become dangerous and unpredictable, like any addict.




Werewolf Blood


Werewolf blood has a very interesting effect on vampires, often making them very testy and short tempered. It also increases their strength for short bursts of time, as well as their senses.






Witches and the other sub-sets of witches have blood that has a calming effect on vampires, often causing them to feel more in tune with their surroundings. They tend to be in better moods after ingesting witch blood, but it dulls their senses and makes them lethargic.




Fae (coming soon)


Fae blood sends vampires on a 'trip,' creating a high in which they see and feel everything more vividly and usually in much more color. Their emotions are often heightened as well, but they lack a danger sense that often makes them unpredictable and reckless.




Dragon (coming soon)


Nearly impossible to get due to the fact that dragons are powerful creatures. Dragon's Blood is by far the Most Wanted blood type. With the blood of a Dragon, a vampire may walk in the sunlight without negative effects for up to twenty-four hours.








How do vampires reproduce?



Vampires cannot give birth. They are only capable of reproducing by infecting another living creature.


Can Vampires turn Fae?



Vampires can turn elves, pixies and trolls. However, they will lose their natural powers. Satyrs are immune to vampire blood and cannot be turned.












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