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"There are many debates on whether or not fae are actually a threat to us, but the fact remains that these creatures are highly unnatural. Infused with magic that is difficult for humans, many of us believe that the tales of fairy lights leading naive souls out into the forest to be preyed upon are true. Fae are mischievous, and although many do not appear it, very dangerous."




- excerpt from records of a forgotten hunter










Ancient creatures who thrived in the Medieval Era and slowly began to die out in the following decades, fae are mostly perceived as friendly creatures who have a loose grasp on human customs and common courtesies. They are known for being incredibly playful and mischievous, and having a somewhat lighter view of the world than many of their other supernatural counterparts. However, as with any other creature there are many of the fae kind who have darker motives.




Fae, both Seelie and Unseelie, generally enjoy existing where there is art and creativity, and easily fall into a depression when there isn't something of that sort happening around them. They enjoy humans, and can be found in art districts and galleries and other areas that house creative minds.







The Sidhe, also often called Elves, are the noble Fae. Often tall, slender, and very beautiful, these fae have been rulers of their kind for centuries.








Charisma - Sidhe are generally an incredibly charismatic bunch, able to rally the troops with a powerful speech or calm the nerves with their soothing voices.




Safe Travels - By focusing on their destination on a map, Sidhe are often able to find the least dangerous route to any specific location.




Healing - Sidhe are capable of healing natural wounds quickly.







Trolls, despite a negative reputation, are very protective and honorable creatures. They are often knights to lords and lady Sidhe, and view it as their job to protect the Fae as a whole.








Super Strength - The average troll can lift a car with little difficulty.




Endurance - Trolls have incredibly thick skin, and can take large amounts of damage before becoming incapacitated.




Oath - Due to their strong belief in honor, trolls are able to take a promise and turn it into an oath. Depending on the agreement between the two parties, breaking the oath can cause anything from loss of powers to death. The price for breaking the oath is entirely up to the Troll overseeing the arrangement.





Satyrs are incredibly passionate, artistic creatures who enjoy being a part of any artistic endeavor, be it singing or helping manage a gallery of sorts, or even just selling the art that others make. They are known for being somewhat reckless, some of them preferring to put their passion above all else.




Satyrs vary in appearance, with some appearing with a human upper half and the lower features of a goat-like creature. Others are much more animalistic with even their facial features more akin to an animal. They may have small nubs of horn on their head, or large curling ram horns. Some even have more antler like protrusions. Similarly, their ears vary in appearance, with some bearing elf like appendages while others have fur covered goat or mule like ears.






Mask - Satyrs are able to change their facial features at will, and many are also able to change their hair color by a few shades as wel. They are also able to create an illusion of appearing like a Sidhe elf or human, though most rarely choose to do so.






Fae Song - Each Satyr has a song (whether it is sung or played on an instrument) that captivates the audience. This can be used to lead people somewhere, to garner higher tips, or for various other things.




Echo - These creatures are able to confuse their opponents by creating an illision that mimics reality, and is generally very difficult to tell apart from reality.








Most of the rumors of Fae being mischievous creatures are because of Pixies. Fun-loving little things, pixies enjoy practical jokes a bit too much, and believe their purpose to be to get everyone to stop taking themselves so seriously. They are often vagrants and travelers, simply going where fun is needed.








Alter Perception - Pixies are able to alter the perceptions of unwitting prey, causing them to believe they are seeing something different than reality.




Unlock - Pixies can get through nearly any lock that isn't warded magically, and have a tendency to go places they are not supposed to be.




Alter Dreams - Pixies are able to enter the dreams of others and alter the course of the dream, often adding vivid color and sound or interesting plot.








Seelie Fae believe in order. They want harmony, and their goal is to unite as many people as possible into a friendly coexistence. Many of them are softer by nature, though they are not necessarily the "good guys." There have been many Seelie Fae who took their love of Order too far and abused their lessers. Many Seelie Fae are very traditional.






Honor is a lie, loyalty can be bought, and order only benefits those in charge. The Unseelie Fae often believe Seelie Fae to be naive, too caught in their sunshine and rainbows to see real problems within their own society. Many Unseelie Fae are commoners and working class people who rebel against order and tradition because they believe it only benefits those in power.



















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