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Witches are, simply put, humans that are able to harness magical energy and use it. It is common for witches to form covens and you can learn more about covens here.

More coming soon






Coming soon






When a witch discovers their power, normally from the age of 8-16 (very rarely after they turn 16 will a witch come into their power), they start with very basic powers. Depending on the power of the witch will depend on how many they will pick up. If they end up learning all of the abilities they will develop a unique gift. This is why it's pretty important for a young witch to be given a mentor early on to discover their full potential. Most witches end up only with these powers but some develop their unique ability and sometimes beyond (spells beyond the unique ability require an OOC store purchase depending on how powerful it is.)


Power Weaknesses

All witches use energy in order to use their abilities. The longer they use them for the more drained they are depending on the power. As a witch becomes more powerful they use less energy to use the below powers however prolonged use can still weaken a witch and make their powers unusable.

Think of a witches power sort of like a well, if you drain it then it will need time to fill back up. Or think of it like a mana pool (for you gamers out there). Instead of taking seconds it could take days to refill however partial amounts will still allow them to use power. However, when casting with a coven it uses the collective wells and drains less out of you.


Basic Powers

Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift small to medium objects with your mind, approximately up to 40lbs.*


Pyrokinesis - Power to manipulate fire. This in the past has been used as a parlor trick, increasing the size of candle flames, to give the illusion of spirits.*


Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water, this means direct it and pull it into the air for short amounts of time.*


Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow faster.*


Imbue Potions - Ability to imbue magic into a concoction of herbs. These potions range in type, complexity and what they can do. Most potions imbuements are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "potion" cookbooks can be bought from authorized witch stores.


Calming Presence - In general, being around a witch is a soothing experience. While it won't calm down someone that is extremely angry it does help in keeping people from getting angry and even relieves stress.**


Wards - Wards are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "ward" books can be bought from authorized witch stores. Wards are symbols using specific ingredients and a imbuement of the witches power to protect themselves or others, depending on the ward. Wards are easy to master as they are symbols and a quick incantation that seals it.

The most powerful wards are a well kept secret of the Lilin society and used to protect and remove supernatural powers of all beings within their sanctuaries.

Only the witch that creates the ward can remove the ward.


* These abilities can be more powerful but take up the unique power slot.

** These abilities can become more powerful if focused for a Special Ability.





Special Powers Information


Special Powers for witches nearing the point of getting their unique power they pick up 1-2 Special powers. These often are in line with their Unique power but can be just simple tricks they pick up to keep themselves safe.

The below are not all possible Special Powers but they are a basic list so that you understand what they can do. You can make your own that ties into the witches unique power however the unique power is the strongest thing that a witch has.

Special Powers

Special Calming Presence - Calming presence can now soothe someone that is angry and can even soothe those with PTSD, schizophrenia, and other serious mental disorders.


Stun - A defensive move for witches to protect themselves from other supernaturals this will stun a target for a variable amount of time. Approximately the equivalent to a stun grenade.


Mask - The ability to alter traits such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and face for moderate periods of time.


Werewolf Affinity - The ability to for a witch to be basically invisible to werewolves on the full moon unless they attack a wolf.


Oathsworn - The ability for a witch to cast a spell bings a contract between two willing participants. How willing the participants are is of no consequence.


Catopromancy - The ability to see people/objects using a mirror to mirror connection. They are not able to control how much they are able to see as it's depending on the size of the mirror on the other side.


Invisibility - The ability to blend into surroundings - this is not fool-proof, there will be a “glimmer” of movement, think of it like a chameleon.




Unique Powers Information


Unique powers are not unique to only one witch. Often the powers are related to other witches in their lineage, but not always. Witches that have mastered the Basic powers soon discover their Unique power. Currently you are limited to 1 unique power. Additional powers must be purchased in the OOC store once a price (between 100-1000 credits) is determined by the staff based on how powerful the power is.

The below powers are just some suggestions. If you have an idea for a unique power outside of these the staff is pretty reasonable as long as the power is too. Feel free to ask on the discord server or in the "Help Desk" forum.



Unique Powers

Medium - The ability to see and communicate with spirits.


Elektrokinesis - Ability to generate and direct lightning.

Unique Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift large objects up to the size of a car.


Unique Pyrokinesis - The ability manipulate and generate fire at will.


Unique Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water. This means they are able to pull it from the air in humid environments and use it as a weapon or a buffer. Since it's water, using it as a sheild, while it might slow something down, will not stop it.


Unique Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow or kill plants at will, regardless of season or location.


Luck - This type of witch can manipulate 'luck' for themselves and other people. This ability has a major drawback as luck always has to balance and if the witch is not careful they can run into a string of bad luck that they cannot manipulate their way out of.


Healing - The ability to heal themselves and others to varying degrees, from minor injuries to broken bones.


Shadow Play - The ability to manipulate shadows and sometimes make them slightly more solid.


Future Sight - Ability to see the consequences of the actions of someone that they hold an object of. Unfortunately, what action is often unknown and must be interpretted. Most seers see in images, not videos and their predictions can be altered by other actions.


Astral Projection - The ability to travel outside their body while sleeping or meditating. Astral projection allows for the witch to see things going on in other places however wards can keep them from entering places they are not wanted. Medium witches can see astral projected witches just like they see spirits. Lilin's can sense an astral projection and peer through the veil to see them. Werewolves and vampires will feel hair stand up on the back of their neck when an astral projected witch is near them, however they cannot see them.

Telepathy - This is the ability to read someone else's mind. This rarely comes in words but more images of thoughts. Telepaths cannot manipulate or push their will on another creature. They cannot read the minds of vampires or Lilin. Werewolves often have a lot of white noise which makes them hard to understand.








Is my male character still a witch?


Yes. If you wield the magic you are a witch.



How do you become a witch?



Most witches are born a witch. Some witches are granted powers if a witch dies violently while casting something, the death triggers an expelling of magic which enters the nearest being. If the being is human it gives them the powers of the witch that died, other creatures often suffer delusions from 1 day to a week depending on the power of the witch.

Not all children of witches are born with powers. Additionally, having no witch parents can still result in a child that is a witch as long as they have had at least one witch in their history.



What happens if a witch is bitten by a werewolf?



They turn into a werewolf and lose their powers.



What happens if a vampire tries to turn a witch?



They turn into a vampire and lose their powers.



How long do witches live?



They are human so they have average human lifetimes.


What do witches smell like to werewolves, vampires, Lilin and any creature that have really good noses?



They smell earthy and slightly inhuman. They almost always smell as if they have been in the garden all day even if they haven't touched any dirt.








How do you kill a witch?



Witches can be killed in the same way any mortal can. However, if you really want one dead, be sure to double check your work. For as far back as the Salem Witch Trials, witches have been known to use magic to give the illusion of death before escaping.



Do witches have any weaknesses?



Witches do not have any weaknesses that a human or other supernatural creature would not have.






What happens if a witch and another supernatural have an infant?



There is a higher chance that the child will be the type of supernatural creature that they are having a child with. So if it's a werewolf/witch it's more likely to be a werewolf than a human or a witch.














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