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The Annoying Persistent One

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Param is a showboat. Arrogant and sure of himself like most witches are he has a knack for getting what he wants and what he has set his sights on is the fiery Life witch Mordria. His specific powers can be discussed when someone is choosing to pick him up.


For this character I'm looking for him to be infuriatingly arrogant and frustratingly persistent at trying to get Mordria out of her commitment-phobic shell. He should be obscenely charming and overly positive that he will woo her to him that he just refuses to give u. Things like showing up at places she frequents, coming into the nursery to buy her flowers and hand them to her.


I would like his reasoning to be sincere and preferably with no alternative motives although that's absolutely players choice.


Length of time I want this to go on for will all depend on how often he shows up and how the person that picks him up wants to play him.

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