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Guest Mindy G

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The forest was burning...


Hot ash was starting to float towards him, a glowing flake fluttering on the hot air wafting from the flames caught his eye. Through the darkening edges of his sight, its vibrant, pulsing glow hypnotized him like a firefly flitting through a warm August night.


Aimlessly his sight wandered as his head swayed on his neck and his cheek scraped against the trees rough bark while it came to rest. When his eyes came back into focus he was staring at the Dodge truck, on its roof, engulfed in a bonfire which had now spread to the pines around the lake. Steam and smoke were quickly rolling across the water like an ominous fog.


He sucked in a gurgling breath and forced himself to lower his head, looking down at the body draped in his lap.


The once-white nagajuban wrapping his body was soaked in his own blood into a grim robin breast, the ragged and torn edges where the many nicks and cuts had split his flesh were the only white left untouched.


His mind was losing focus. He could barely make out her features underneath the red smearing them. Some of it was his, but most of it was not. The deep gouge bisecting her shoulder and ploughing deep into her chest all the way down to her second rib was pierced by the glittering shard. It seemed to draw the flames into its faceted spire and its glare seemed to be the epicenter of her lifeforce- the rest of her was becoming almost monochrome. Her lips were becoming greyer by the minute.


How had he not seen Hibiki planning his treachery until it was too late? No, not his. Kaede was responsible, even she had not driven the... thing into her chest personally. That boy's head had been so full of the Amber Empress that he had nearly seen those brown eyes turn golden at the last minute before they rolled back into his tumbling head...


His death was certain; he had already accepted that. His blood still oozed freely from the deep gash bisecting his throat and the stump of his missing right arm felt cold beneath the shoulder, despite the heat from the fire. He was only keeping himself conscious by controlling his breathing and using meditation techniques to try and slow his heartbeat, slow the rate at which his life leaked from him. He had to survive long enough to get the Princess out of danger.


All around him the black kimono-clad bodies of his students were scattered, some of them in separate pieces, evidence of the nasty portion of the battle where the blades had come out. Of course they did not stay restricted to sharpened steel...


The sound of the automatic gunfire rattling through the quiet forest would have attracted the attention of the rangers. If not then the smoke and the red glow on the horizon in the direction of Embershard Lake would bring help. He had to make sure Kaede did not have any more surprises for them, one last assassin lurking in the trees. He would die, but before he did he would make certain that his precious Shinju lived to return honor to his clan.


Upon the lake's rippling surface he saw the sickle of the moon above tinged blood red by the smoke...


DragonBlue Morrigan

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