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The Gregory and Lightstone Families

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So the quick version of this is that these are the Aunt's Uncles of the Gregory Kids and they are all available for play. There are a lot of characters here so I'm not going to detail a lot in this wanted ad but I'm always free to be chatted with. A note about this though, all Faceclaims and names are set in stone so if someone else takes the faceclaim then that character is unavailable and will be NPCed just so that there is no confusion, thanks.

There are no Dragons, Fae, Lilin, Skinwalkers, Vampires or Wereshifters on either side of the family save for Alice who was bitten while she was young.

There are multiple witches. Many on both sides of the family are hunters or in some sort of Law enforcement (FBI, Police, etc).


The Witches are Vital, Tobias, Keira and Harrison. Others can be made into witches but please discuss it with me first! Thanks.

A lot of them have kids/wives/ex-wives etc. I'm open to discussing any of that as well.


Unavailable characters:

  • Vital
  • Alice
  • Damian

Hit me up in Discord or via PM.


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