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Site Event: The Halloween Bash!

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Downtown Corinth loves to decorate and celebrate Halloween. From skeletons to spider webs you can imagine to see all frights and nights in the place.

This event will focus in on Vitality. A Lilin Sanctuary owned and operated by Violet, Red Redford's wife. Vitality being an upscale club opens its doors to every creature, high and low to celebrate the wonders of Samhain aka Halloween as long as you're wearing a costume. The place is decorated with some of the most amazing Halloween decor and all employees are required to wear a costume while on duty.

Unlike most places they don't play just trashy old hits from thirty years ago but remixed and new favorites to keep the place lively. While we all love the Monster Mash we can all agree its dated.

When you exit the club you'll be on decorated streets with more costumed fiends.

  • This even will last 1 week.
  • Threads must be in Vitality and marked with "HALLOWEEN 2018:" to be participants.
  • All threads are open to any player joining/exiting at will since there is no private place available during this event.
  • All participants get 150 points for posting at least 5 times within the event per character up to a maximum of 500 points for the entire event.
  • The weather is chill and it will start lightly snowing at around 7PM.
  • There will be a continuance of this event next week that starts at midnight on Halloween. More details will be posted then.

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