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Augustus Kane

The sweetest song

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She was dead.

Look what you did you little fool.

August stared down at the broken form at his feet with almost clinical detachment, he had forgotten her name but remembered that she had been human and she had asked him if he wanted to have a good time. August had wanted a good time but didn't think that the woman could offer it to him and had walked away. He had walked away, hadn't he?

No, this isn't us.

"No," August agreed with the briefest of nods, "she is still in tact." He squatted down and studied the body curled up in the fetal position by the dumpster and noted that while one arm and the legs were broken everything was still attached.

An' she's 'uman... we dun eat humans... they taste bloody awful.

There was a sound behind him and August rose and turned to see someone standing in the entryway to the alley. He frowned at the look upon their faces, they ran and August found himself following the running person until he was back out on the busy street. He blinked and looked about but no longer saw the person, he began to wonder if the person had even been there at all.  He stepped back to crane his neck and felt something solid and living behind him. He turned, puzzled.

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