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Site Event: The Halloween Bash! Part 2: The Blizzard

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Around 1AM everyone that had weather alerts on their phone setup would get a notification. The sounds of the alert text sounds coming up even over the sound of the music in its sudden mass communication advising of the sudden blizzard outside.

The message was to stay indoors and stay warm. It wasn't recommended to leave the building you were in as it was a white out, outside. This meant anyone in Vitality was stuck in Vitality for the duration of the blizzard which could last from 1-3 days. This would get plenty of people to leave the club and try to get to their nearby homes quickly but not everyone would leave still enjoying the party.

Those that would stay would be welcome guests as long as no one gets too stir crazy.

  • This blizzard will be affecting Corinth and all towns around it, including Dawnbreak.
  • The amount of snow will be significant enough that people will literally be snowed in until the city can clear the streets.
  • Wherever your character is during this snow storm is where they will be for at least 3 days.
  • The event is still continuing meaning mark your threads "Halloween Bash 2018:" to qualify to get the points mentioned in this thread:

Good luck staying sane!

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