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Jessica Scrome

New Real Estate (Open)

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Jessica looked up at the brick-work building as she stepped out of the U-Haul with a critical eye. Shutting the door behind her with a soft click she stepped up onto the sidewalk and found herself reflected in the plate glass on the door of what would soon bare her name and noted that there was a scratch in it. Her thoughts were interrupted with the sudden drop of a heavy arm around her shoulders.

"Well, its not much," Shy's thick Southern Drawl was warm in her ear and she could smell the cologne she had bought him for Christmas last year, "But its ours."

Jessica's eyes didn't leave the plate glass but instead took in the reflected image of herself and Shy standing next to each other both of them tall though oppositely colored as they favored their mothers more than their father. Idily she elbowed him a bit in the ribs and stepped out from under the circle of his arm, "Come on you, the boxes aren't going to move themselves," she had an accent of her own but it was not as pronounced as her brothers.

Shy rubbed his ribs in a show of mock injury and then moved to the back of the U-Haul while Jessica moved to the front door of the office building and fished the keys from her jacket pocket. Behind her Jess could hear the clink of another set of keys and the metallic drag of the back of the U-Haul truck opening up. Jessica had arranged for most of their office furniture to be moved professionally but there were personal items that she had felt more comfortable moving herself. Also, she thought getting out would be good for Shy.

"Good Mornin.." Shy's voice carried as she opened the office door. Apparently her brother was already making a friend and Jessica turned to see who had caught her brother's attention.

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