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Site Event: Festival of the Werewolf

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The Festival of the Werewolf is a long standing November tradition and tourist attraction in Dawnbreak. As long as anyone can remember the small town has been a hotbed for werewolf and “dogman” sightings. Similar to the Sasquatch celebrations held in other regions the festival is largely the towns’ way of cashing in on those rumors (as well as helping conceal the reality of their truth!).

Held primarily in the square of North Dawnbreak, the festival is similar to many of its kind. Vendors with various street foods and treats are scattered about while performers roam. A stage is erected in the park and holds various wolf-based shows every few hours - variations of tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs - and small bands commonly play in between.

bloodyapplewt.jpg“Bloody” treats are one of the most notable aspects of the festival, with things like ‘bloody’ candied apples and ‘werewolf kibble’ being popular among the children - but there’s plenty to be enjoyed by the adults as well with items like Dawnbreak’s famous Werewolf Blood drinks and cocktails making their seasonal appearances around town and from the local brewery. 



Event Information:

  • This event will oficially last from 11-18-18 to 11-25-18. While threads may continue past the 25th, only posts between the 18th-25th will count toward earning event points.
  • Threads must take place in North Dawnbreak and be labeled “Werewolf Festival 2018”
  • For this event threads may either be Open or Private, though we encourage the former!
  • All participants will earn 150 points for docking at least 5 posts (per character) during the event up to 500 collective points.

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